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Welcome to Stony Stratford

Stony Stratford in Buckinghamshire, UK, is a small market town with a long history and now part of the unitary authority of Milton Keynes new city. Its location at the centre of England and the UK makes it an ideal venue for meetings.

Many people love Stony Stratford, so much so that it has its own brand LoveStony.  Find it on Facebook, where you can see some wonderful photos of the town and read news from Stony Stratford Business Association members.

Visit the Stony Stratford town web site where you will find information about community groups, sports clubs and local services including health and education

Stony Stratford is a thriving retail centre with lots of independent shops and businesses.  It has a rich history and claims ownership of the 'cock and bull story'.   

Much historical information about the town has been collected by Milton Keynes Heritage Association.

For those who love Stony Stratford, like our Facebook page - LoveStony

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